Storage Shed Plans – What You Need to Know

I am a confirmed Garden Shed enthusiast. I am building (and have built) sheds using Storage Shed Plans, both tool sheds and garden sheds.

Overall I would say that I have gained considerable experience of building sheds, having learned the hard way here and there. And it’s by making a few mistakes, researching the articles on the Internet and learning from others that I now feel credible in sharing some important points in building your own shed using Storage Shed Plans.

In this article, I want to discuss the major trends in Garages and Storage Sheds.

Gender plays a considerable role in choosing to build a shed and what type of shed it will be. As we could predict, toughness appeals to men and aesthetics appeal to women. The market has had a predominately male-focused selling strategy, however marketers are now listening to women. Women have enormous purchasing power and will often make the final selection in the use of the shed and it’s style. Women are highly motivated to eliminate clutter and the number one need expressed is to increase storage and closet space. Large outlets have realized this and Lowes and Home Depot are now aggressively targeting women with a women-centric approach to building. Do-It-Herself is increasingly the message. So what does this mean to the humble shed builder? Consider the use of the structure from a holistic point of view, from all family members. Understand that the right garden shed design will blend durability, usefulness, and attractiveness.

Eco-friendly initiatives are beginning to emerge. Materials that are made with Earth-Friendly processes are desired and many companies offer an Eco brand option. However, consumers often want green, but don’t often buy green. Pre-assembled kits and do-it-yourself are still the most popular options along with Storage Shed Plans purchased either through the Internet or design books.

Storage crisis is the main reason why sheds get built. Organization reduces stress and brings peace of mind. To that effect, outdoor sheds are not just for garden tools. Increasingly, they are being built as pool houses, playrooms for children, artist’s studio and small guest houses. They’re called garden buildings in England and they are popular through Europe. In some cases, empty nesters are downsizing and the trend in the U.S. this year is towards smaller homes. This is precipitating a storage crisis and you only have to look around the lot in the Home Depot to see that the major retailers have realized this. Kits abound and plans are available on the Internet.

Cost is a big motivation. If you’re an accomplished DIY’er, you can buy and build a shed kit in a few days for $ 5000 to $ 10,000, far below the cost to add a room to your house. Start small with an Internet search and find a Storage Shed Plan that suits your needs. There are plenty of free ones around.

In Summary

Choosing a Storage Shed Plan and building a shed, or garden building, is a very personal decision. It’s about what YOU like, what YOU want in your backyard.

The most important consideration is to do your research. Don’t take the word of the retailer. You must check out all your sources and be clear about your needs. It all comes down to making the selection that is going to be right for you. I hope that these tips will help you in making this decision. Then if you are happy with what you are getting, that’s all that matters!

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Question by : Where can I find beautiful designs of garden storage shed plans?
I have a client who’s looking for some designs for her garden shed. I want to see some remarkable shed plans that I can choose from to show to my client.

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Its a really great site. They offer you 12000 shed plans! you can easily choose the best for you.

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