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Data on these metrics is often difficult to find, and the complexity of the drives themselves makes it hard to isolate which kinds of failure are more or less likely to occur on a given drive. Manufacturers publish lifetime write specifications and recommended usage patterns, but this data tends to be extremely general. 18 months ago, Tech Report set out to testthe limits of SSD endurance and catalog how a set of six drives would fail under load. The drives chosen: Corsair Neutron GTX, Intel 335 Series, Kingston HyperX 3K, Samsung 840, and Samsung 840 Pro. All were in the 240GB to 256GB class of hardware, and all started off the experiment pristine. Graph courtesy of Tech Report All six drives made it several hundred terabytes past their manufacturer-set limits, but four of the six drives died before or just after the 1PB mark. Intels SSD died first, of a self-inflicted wound (the drive is designed to stop working once it begins having problems), but two drives the Kingston and the Samsung 840 Pro made it past the 2PB mark.Of course, six drives arent a representative sample of how all SSDs perform, and TR doesnt recommend treating this test as such.
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UW police have about 600 bikes, now seeking their owners : Wsj

We need to match your bike to our serial numbers to make this work, Riseling said. So anyone who has had a bike stolen in Dane County over the last five to 10 years is asked to go to uwpd.wisc.edu/biketheft and re-report the theft. Those without Internet access can call UW police dispatch at 608-264-2677 and report the information that way. Riseling said it could take about 10 days to reunite bikes with owners once a match is made between them.
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