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Large Shed Plan Wall Heights By Christopher A Ford on April 02, 2012 0

Large sheds are often built with the typical 8′-1″ wall height. This wall height comes from residential home construction which is good for framing home walls but not the best for a storage shed. Find out where the 8′-1″ wall height comes from and why it is not the best wall height to use when building your large shed.

Understanding Home Wall Heights
Most sheet materials like drywall, oriented strand board or plywood come in 4’x8′ sizes. To be able to install drywall on the wall there needs to be a bit more room than exactly 8′ tall. So walls are typically framed at 8′ -1″ tall. The extra inch of space allows the drywall on the ceiling to be installed first, which takes up a half inch. It also allows a half inch along the floor so the sheets can be installed with out crowding and to give some wiggle room if things are not perfectly square or framed. The gap along the floor is covered by baseboard and floorings. To make framing of walls easier lumber suppliers sell pre-cut framing studs that are 92 5/8″ long. When a wall is framed using pre cut studs the total height ends up being 8′-1″, actually it is 8′-1 1/8″ but the number is rounded down when it is talked about for simplicity.

This building convention works great for housing but when building a large shed it creates more work with little added benefit. Storage sheds rarely have drywall installed on the inside. The more important part of building a large shed is making sure the 4×8 siding materials go all the way from the top plates of the wall down past the bottom plates. This reduces the need for flashing materials to be installed and keeps the water from running down the wall and into the shed.

What is the Best Shed Wall Height
Most wall heights that allow an 8′ sheet go from the double top plate of the wall down at least 1 ½” past the bottom plate will work great for framing large shed walls. But the best wall height will allow you install a regular pre-hung door on any wall of the shed and have a door header that is strong enough no matter what wall it is installed on. By using a double 2×6 as a header and adding that to the 6′-10 ½” door rough opening height the dimension of the finished framed wall is 7′-7″. By using 7′-7″ you will have the flexibility of using a pre-hung door and be able to install the door on any wall. You will have the assurance that the door header will be plenty strong, even if the roof bears on it.

This large shed wall height also allows the siding materials to overlap the wall onto the floor framing by six inches which makes the shed look good and keeps the water flowing down the wall and out of the shed.

Picking a large shed wall height that is less than the “typical” wall height used in home construction will reduce construction costs and simplify how the shed is built. Some large shed plans have detailed instructions showing the cut lengths and layout of shorter shed walls.

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