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Donate that! There are several ways you can donate several ways home pickup, drop it off at any of our 58+ locations seven days a week, or estate services Be sure to scan your rewards card for rewards even at the donation door! And make sure your email address is tied to your rewards card for rewards notices and donation history access! Make room for a home decor-refresh!
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Yakima Herald Republic | Museums hammer out details for farm-labor cabin displays

A 1953 Polks Directory advertisement for Youngs Lumber lists chicken coops, garages and hog houses among the uses for their pre-cut houses. Don Fletcher, a retired state migrant housing manager in Yakima, recalls inspecting the cabins as late as 1998, when he retired. They were pretty nice at times, especially compared to some of the other attempts at labor dwellings, such as fox holes covered with pruned branches and tarps. I just saw ingenious ways of providing shelter, Fletcher said. Many of the cabins still stand in the Valley, rickety and tilting next to farm shops or homes. Effie Burton, a volunteer office worker at the Ag Museum, sleeps in a Youngs Cabin now, though you couldnt tell by looking at it. Long ago, well before her father purchased her familys Parker home, someone pushed the cabin up against the house, installed a door and used the space for a bathroom and small bedroom. Her family later hung insulation.
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