Police: Vandal Set Fire That Destroyed School Storage Sheds

Riders get chance to hop on historic restored trolley car in Lakewood – The Denver Post

The fire was reported at around 4:40 a.m. Thursday at the Midway ISD FFA Agricultural Science Instructional Facility at 10401 Panther Way. Flames engulfed the sheds when the first crew arrived, Assistant Waco Fire Chief Patrick Kerwin said. Hewitt firefighters arrived shortly afterward to assist in battling the flames. Firefighters had the fire under control in less than 10 minutes but they didnt leave the scene until after 6 a.m., Kerwin said. Both buildings, approximately 10-by-12 feet in size, were used to store feed and hay, Kerwin said.
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One of those lines ran from Denver to Golden and allowed thousands of riders to hop on a railcar every day to visit Denver, or maybe head west to cool off and relax on hot summer days. It had stops in Lakewood, but you’d be mistaken if you’re thinking of the West Rail Line. Between 1911 and 1950, Interurban Car No.
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Electric fences used to keep bears away – The Western News: Local

Using third parties is not a viable model anymore,” said a source at a major merchant that has metal stored in China. EXPANDING FOOTPRINT Steinweg, a 167-year-old Rotterdam-based firm, is looking to expand its vast footprint in China by leasing more sheds in Qingdao, as well as Shanghai and other locations in China, two sources familiar with the move told Reuters. Unlike some rivals, Steinweg carved out a niche in the burgeoning China market by operating and controlling its own depots, rather than using local agents, sources have said. The company leases storage space, often located in free-trade-zones in ports, and has its own staff to monitor the stock itself.
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Exclusive: Goldman unit eyes foray into China amid metals financing scandal – Yahoo News

Libby resident, Joel Chandler, had a fence installed by Annis three weeks ago. Chandler doesnt have fully enclosed indoor location to store his trash, so Annis loaned and installed a 50-foot electrified net fence and energizer for bear prevention. The fence works great, Chandler said. It went from a constant problem to no problem at all. While more people are becoming aware of the electric fencing program, the reason for the program is perhaps the most important preventative measure. Bears are one-time learners, Annis said. All it takes is for them to get into a persons trash, one time, and they know they can get it again. It is like learning your ABCs, once you know it, you know it. With bears learning and adapting to easily accessible food sources, such as trash and fruit trees, the level of conflict rises. As bears continually find food sources near residences, they move closer to the homes and create potentially dangerous situations.
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