Florida High School Sports | Citrus Park Christian: 2014 Football Preview

He is a lunch pail player who works construction jobs in the summer. Hill is high on him as one of his top linemen and because he leads by example. Up-and-comers QB Jayson Carter, Sr.: A transfer from Middleton, where he rarely saw the playing field, Carter steps in under center. Hill said Carter can run the ball and has a beautiful throwing motion.
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Rats! Squirrels are after persimmons – ContraCostaTimes.com

Squirrel can be persistent.

One of the big mysteries of today’s politics is how so many American voters fall for the political propaganda bought and paid for by Charles and David Koch. Frankly, if the Koch brothers are behind a candidate, you might think it would behoove folks to run the other way. They spend tens of millions of dollars on ads to help the Scott Walkers of the world, claiming that they’re all out to help “hardworking” Americans, but the truth is nothing of the sort. Their ultimate goal is to help themselves as they seek to pad their already multibillion-dollar net worth by making sure the country doesn’t fall for all this climate change nonsense. The brothers, of course, are into fossil fuels big time. So via Americans for Prosperity and similar groups with mom-and-apple-pie names they support candidates who pooh-pooh climate change and spend millions trying to defeat politicians who are worried about the future of the earth if we don’t cut down on fossil fuel pollution. Why else do you think the Walker administration in Wisconsin does its best to hinder the expansion of solar energy and make it tough to site wind turbines?
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Plain Talk: Beware of those Koch brother candidates : Ct

You don’t want creatures eating it. Hot sauce The most effective repellent against squirrels is hot sauce or hot peppers. They don’t like the smell. You can spray the tree, after straining the hot sauce, or paint the fence and tree trunk with it. You may need to repeat this every few days. Another idea is take small condiment cups, poke some holes around the top edge, fill the cups half-full with the hot sauce, pop the cap on and hang them in the tree.
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Back at it | ThisWeek Community News

4, to paint a portion of the new 100-foot by 16-foot community mural on the storage sheds of Cellar Lumber, 137 E. College Ave., which run along the east side of the Westerville Bikeway just south of College. The mural is a collaborative project among the city, the Franklin County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board and the art organization ALTernative. A “Community Paint Day” scheduled Aug.
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