Examine The Garage And Storage Shed Trends In The U.s.

examines how the market for garage organization products and storage sheds in the United States had been growing at a rapid pace until the housing crisis and recession impacted sales. It also analyzes consumers continued desire and need to organize their homes, and examines reasons why this need will drive demand as the economy recovers. The report contains updated data on the U.S. market for garage organization products and storage sheds, including historical (2004-2008) and forecast (2008-2013) retail sales data. In addition to sales updates, the report updates factors and trends impacting growth, the impact of dynamic raw material prices, market and products trends, distribution and retail trends, and consumer usage information. The report also updates profiles of key marketers including Whirlpool, Stack On, Rubbermaid, Elfa International, Sauder Woodworking, Schulte, Slide-Lok, Premier Garage, GarageTek, Arrow Group Industries, and Tuff Shed.
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Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed 60x32x47

Interlocking doublewall blowmolded panels for strength and durability. Hinged roof design with prop bar provides walk in accessibi
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Rubbermaid Garden Sheds the Gardening Storage Solution

Often our sources and the stacked in our garage area, or hidden in our underground room. But with a Rubbermaid reduce you’ll be able to shop all of your farming devices securely, and keep all of your sources structured so you will discover them easily. Rubbermaid sheds Will Fix Your Storage Problems If you are grower, then you are probably going to want to shop all of your devices outside. With a Rubbermaid garden sheds you will have the most ideal storage spaces to do this with. These storage space sheds by Rubbermaid are built to be a water resistant outdoor storage space space that will keep all of your farming sources safe from the outside components. These storage space sheds are developed so that they will not flow, and they will never corrosion. This will ensure that all of your farming devices continues to be dry and protected.
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Rubbermaid shrinking its product line

From New York, Ashley Milne-Tyte explains there’s a pretty clear reason why. Ashley Milne-Tyte: Oil is a major ingredient of plastic. With oil prices rising steeply, Newell Rubbermaid wants to phase out a range of plastic-intensive products — storage bins, for example. Lauren DeSanto is an equity analyst with Morningstar. She says it’s a sensible move. Lauren DeSanto: You know, when you’re looking at home storage containers that are plastic with plastic lids and sitting on a shelf at a Wal-Mart or a Target, you know, one looks like the other. And she says consumers go for the cheapest.
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