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Storage Shed Plans with Porch

Without a doubt a really useful addition to your garden is a garden
storage shed and by adding a porch you can really make an attractive
feature of it. My wife and I recently moved into a new house that had a
medium sized garden. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment
and decided to build my own from plan.

While deciding on the design my wife, a keen amateur gardener, said that she would also like it to double as a potting shed and whilst doing a search online we came across a good set of plans that included a porch.

Before building or buying anything it is important to check that your garden storage shed conforms to local building codes and if applicable you may need to consult with the tenants association. By having a good set of plans you can easily demonstrate to these interested parties what it is that you wish to achieve.

Your set of plans will enable you to order everything needed in one shopping trip instead of buying piecemeal. In my case I opted to have all my timber cut to size at the timber yard which in effect gave me a ready to go shed building kit.

Before putting everything together I had to decide on the foundation. As the shed was to be used for storage I decided on a hardcore base which was spread on a heavy polythene mat to stop rising damp. I laid five weather treated beams on top of the polythene and spread the hardcore between them leaving the beams 3 inches above ground level to support the shed and allow it to ‘breathe’.

With a little help from a good neighbour our storage shed complete with porch was built in just one weekend ready for the wife to paint during the week.

By adding a porch to our storage shed we have a potting shed workshop that is not an eyesore in the garden but actually an asset to our property. We are extremely pleased with the result, I have room to store the lawnmower, garden tools etc and I have fitted a workbench for the wife to do her magic with her flowers. On hot days she likes to work outside in the shade of the porch which now boasts two DIY rustic chairs – and I got those from the plans too!

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